My 3 favourite Books of 2017

My 3 favourite Books of 2017

We are a whole month into 2018, but I still have a little bit more 2017 reminiscing to do. I read some absolutely brilliant books in 2017, but there were some definite standouts. I thought I’d run through my top 3(4) favourite books from 2018.

Number 3 – American gods by Neil Gaiman

American gods was my first introduction to Neil Gaiman’s writing. As someone who loves learning about different cultures, religions and mythology I’m shocked I hadn’t heard of Gaiman before. I’m glad I was able to read this before watching the Amazon adaptation, which was also unbelievably good.

American gods is the story of old Vs new. Old mythological gods such as Anansi, Thor & Easter are dying out. With some persuasion from Mr Wednesday (Odin) and Shadow Moon They decide to wage a war against the new god’s; internet, television, electricity and the best list goes on.

While I felt that Gaiman didn’t go into enough detail, (I wanted to know every back story of every mythological creature & god). I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was even more impressed when I saw it brought to life on Amazon prime. I am definitely looking forward to reading some more of Gaiman’s books this year and watching season 2 of American gods on Amazon prime of course.

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Number 2 – Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Words I would use to describe this book. Heartbreaking, Powerful, Beautiful.

I can’t speak for Ngozi’s other novels, but Half of a Yellow Sun was intense. I spent the beginning of the novel worried that bad things would happen, but when it did I was still completely shocked and afraid.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie tell the story of a twins Olanna & Kainene during the biafran war. The war touches the lives of every single person by the end of the novel.

I learnt so much about a period of history that I was completely unaware of. And enjoyed just how human and raw every character was. I can see why Ngozi is such a well regarded author.

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My favourite Fiction of 2017 – Black Mamba Boy by Nadifa Mohamed

Following Jama from the age of 10 to adulthood was epic! This story contained everything that I love. bravery, love, overcoming the odds and of course the triumph of the underdog.

Nadifa Mohamed took her fathers life story and turned it into an epic, that touches you on every human level.

Jama a boy from Eritrea in North Africa embarks on a journey to find his father after his mothers death only to be faced with hunger, war, racism and immense cruelty. His reunion with his father is short lived and his journey then becomes one of finding friends, love and a place to call home.

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My favourite non Fiction of 2017 – Leap Year by Helen Russell

Helen Russell’s second book is brilliant. Following on from her first book, the year off living Danishly. Russell debates whether the family should be moving back to the UK. Dealing with toddler tantrums, and family relationships. To looking after herself mental and physical self. How to deal with change and how to make change. The things a lot of us sometimes struggle with.

I will definitely be giving this book another read before my upcoming move.

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What books did you enjoy the most in 2017?

Joziere xo


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