The Rainbow – DH Lawrence

The Rainbow – DH Lawrence

Book: The Rainbow

Author: DH Lawrence

Publication: 1915

Story: This classic Centres on the lives of 3 generations of the Brandgwen family. Tom Brandgwen on coming of age and falling in love with a widowed Polish immigrant Lydia. Her daughter Anna growing up and marrying her father’s nephew Will Brandgwen. And the most modern protagonist Ursula, studying, becoming a teacher, taking a female lover and falling in and out of love with a man named Anton Skrebensky.

My Thoughts: Lust, love, sex, annoying and crazy families, women showing sexual desire. No wonder it was banned. Lawrence’s book was a great history lesson. It transported me to the North of England in the 18th and 19th century. He describes everything from the scenery to the people so perfectly, you couldn’t help but feel like a fly on the wall into someone else’s life.

Should you read it? It’s no beach read, but this book will definitely improve the work commute and maybe a rainy Sunday afternoon with tea and biscuits. I will definitely be adding ‘Women in Love to’ my list of books to read.


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